I’m going to call this one perspective… 

Have you ever experienced a good situation, or a bad situation (a temporary one of course) that felt like it turned in to something worse?! 

Have you ever had an experience that gave you a broad, or very fine view on the beauty of life as it exists?

I have…

I am…

Sometimes we have to go through uneasy situations, & uneasy experiences in order to see the clearer picture of life as it exists.

I like to consider these temporary situations a lesson.

Consider them a warning that encourages you to be better as a person; or a warning, or lesson, that encourages you to do something better for your very own well-being. 

Sometimes we just have to accept life as it already is.

 Accept situations as they come, even the sticky wicket situations… because the perspective of life is beautiful , we live, but most importantly we learn…

“When one door closes, a better one will open.” In very time.

Be thankful.

Be grateful.

Try a little bit harder…

Do better…

So we could be better people! 

9 thoughts on “LIFE AS IT IS!

  1. I love this, it’s how I try and do things too. It makes life so much easier to accept shitty situations and then also be grateful for what you already have…it means you have enough energy to be positive in life and attract better things to you xx

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